How fragile are these leaves?

Although they’re extremely breakable once picked, after going through our 28 step preservation process of being plated several times they become very durable. At the end of the day these are still real leaves so if you bend them back and forth intentionally they will eventually break. We recommend that you take care of them like you would any other treasure. Once a leaf has been broken it cannot be repaired or replaced. Before shipping, each leaf’s durability is tested.

What’s your return policy?

CannaCentrix will accept items for exchange or store credit within 14 days of receipt. The jewelry must be returned in new condition. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your jewelry let us know upon receiving it & you can ship it back the following day for a full refund (although we’ve yet to have this happen). The cost of return postage to us is not covered in your refund amount.

Are these legal to ship/possess?

Yes, once the leaves are plated they are then considered jewelry pieces, making them legal to ship & possess since they no longer contain any psychoactive substances.

Can you make one with one of my leaves?

Yes, we can personalize a piece using a leaf from your harvest. Send us an email for more information on how this process works. Customizing takes longer and will have to be made in a seperate batch not to get mixed in with different leaves. To customize a necklace or pair of earrings from your own garden is $420. If you’d like to get one for every member of your team send us a message for a special rate.

How should I take care of my jewelry?

We recommend that you take off your jewelry before going to bed or taking a shower. Although our jewelry is durable it’s possible that your body weight could break it if you sleep on it at the wrong angle . When not being worn it should be stored in the jewelry box it came with or wrapped in a soft cloth. You should also avoid using chemicals and cleaners which is why we don’t recommend showering with it on.

Can you customize the leaves?

Yes, send us an email and we can add whichever gemstone or other creation you’d like.