Quality Control

Only a tenth of the leaves we hand pick each year will make it through our 28 step production process to be a part of our collection.

All of the plants are organically grown from seed to provide stronger leaves. Once a perfect leaf is found it’s picked and dried carefully so that it doesn’t break.

Before the leaves are electroformed, they’re sealed with a clear coat of our special solution to prevent the leaves from curling.

The bail that connects to the chain or earring hoop is then glued on and centered so that it hangs perfectly. If it dries at the wrong angle it will be thrown away.

Next, each delicate leaf is wired onto a rack and slowly dipped into the tank. Throughout this period of submersion it must be checked to make sure the leaves aren’t sticking together.

This is the stage a lot of the leaves don’t make it through because of how fragile they are. If the leaves pass this quality inspection they are re-electroformed to give them a stronger base to prevent them from breaking.

After the initial layer of copper to transform the natural leaf into a solid, we bend it into the desirable shape & double check that it hangs straight on a necklace or pair of earrings.

Each strain goes through this process and the top 100 leaves are immersed into the tank of gold over a period of time giving them multiple micro thick layers while still showing the texture in each leaf.

The other techniques we use will remain a secret.

At each stage of our 28 step process the leaves are inspected for imperfections.

if at any point they don’t pass our quality control they’ll be discarded and won’t advance to the next stage.

From plant to jewelry box the whole process can take about 8-12 weeks.

During these steps the tips of the leaves will break, they’ll curl up, blow away, some will dissolve, one earring will be perfect but the other will have a small defect.

These are just some of the frustrating factors that make this process so difficult which is why each finished piece is so precious.