Sizing Chart


It’s important to buy the right length of chain to match your body type and apparel style. It will play a major role on how your CannaCentrix jewelry looks on you, keep that in mind as you view our necklace length chart.

Above is our 18 inch 1mm chain, our 24 inch 2mm chain & our 30 inch 3mm chain to help you make your decision.


For women we recommend the 18 inch 1mm chain & for men we recommend the 2mm 24 inch chain. Although larger body types may want a longer chain and will depend upon the size of the leaf you choose. Our gold necklaces come in sizes 18, 24, & 30 inches. Our black gemstone necklaces are customizable to any length, just send us an email.

We found these to be the best ratio for leaf size to chain thickness:

1.25 inches or below looks best on a 1mm chain.

1.25-2 inches = 2mm chain

2+ inches = 3mm chain


Our necklace length chart should help you to make an informed purchase once you’re confident in your sizing.

If you’re struggling to make a decision, contact us and we can help you choose the right size, or create a custom chain that fits your body type and style.

* The length of the necklace clasp is not included in the necklace measurements. Normally, clasps are around ¾ of an inch.*

are our necklaces gold-filled or plated?

Our necklaces are gold-filled over a non-toxic solid brass. Wearers who are sensitive to certain metals can wear our necklaces without worries of an allergic reaction. It is extremely long lasting and if taken care of will last you a lifetime. Our jewelry does not flake off, tarnish or discolor. It has all the great characteristics of solid gold jewelry without the price tag .

What is the best way to care for your Cannacentrix Jewelry?

We recommend that you take off your jewelry before going to bed or taking a shower. Although our jewelry is durable it’s possible that your body weight could break it if you sleep on it at the wrong angle .

When not being worn it should be stored in the jewelry box it came with or wrapped in a soft cloth. You should also avoid using chemicals and cleaners which is why we don’t recommend showering with it on.

What are the gemstones in our black necklace?

The gemstones in our necklace are Black Spinel (although they’re often called “black sapphire” for the way they sparkle in the light). 

There is a wealth of mythology surrounding this high-energy stone, on a full moon some will even leave them out to recharge the crystal’s energy. It is believed to protect its owner from harm, to relieve stress, and attract prosperity.

Some cultures may associate black with mystery and evil; while in others it represents power and new beginnings. In any case, black is the essence of style and sophistication with a timeless quality that means it will never go out of fashion.